To prepare for problems with colds, coughs, flu, and sore throat or to boost your Immune System keep on hand:

Kelly’s Knock Out Formula


Essential Oil: Cold, Cough, & Flu Be Gone

A blend of 30 pure essential oils formulated by Kelly Tobey.

Price: 6ml = $13.21 + .79 gst = $14.00

12ml = $20.75 + 1.25 gst = $22.00


Knock Out Pack All natural ingredients including many immune system boosters and anti-oxidants, containing an equivalent of:

               2 Enzymes                        4 Klamath Blue Green Algae        1 Probiotic

               4 Vitamin C                      5 Vitamin A                                 1 Zinc


               3 Echinacea                      2 Elderberry                                1 Garlic


               3 Astragalus                     1 Cayenne                                    1 Thymulus


               1 Colostrum / Beta Glucan combo or one of each                  1 Andrographis


               1 Cold FX                      3 Yinchiao                                      3 Ganmaoling


3 Fritillaria                       2 Esberitox                                     1 Once A Day

Price: $14.15 + .85 gst = $15.00

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At the first sign of a sore throat, cough, cold, flu, or other immune system burdens, take all the ingredients of 1 Knock Out Pack

Drink lots of pure water.

Apply the Cold, Cough, & Flu Be Gone essential oil formula to the soles of your feet (this will circulate the oils via the blood stream through your whole body), and to your chest, neck, and cheeks (do not get it in your eyes) every 3 or 4 hours, unless you have skin sensitivity to the oil. An alternative in cases of skin sensitivity is to use an atomizing diffuser to distribute the oil particles into the room (just heating the oil releases the scent only).

If your cold, cough, flu, or sore throat has already set in, take a second Knock Out Pack 8 hours later. Continue to take one to two packs a day until you feel healthy again.

Note: If your stomach is sensitive to the heat of cayenne take out the capsule with the red powder and discard it.

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